Serviced Apartments-in-The Hague Hoge Duin

Coming Soon: Hoge Duin – Serviced Apartments in The Hague

Corporate Housing Factory will be renting out 14 short stay Serviced Apartments and two guest rooms for business travelers in the new Park Hoog Oostduin (the former Shell building) in The Hague. Completion is set for Q1 2018.

Bouwinvest has leased approximately 1,095 square metres of living space to Corporate Housing Factory in its Park Hoog Oostduin building located at the edge of the Oostduin-Arendsdorp country estate in the heart of Benoordenhout. The luxury apartments, which are close to The Hague’s downtown and Scheveningen beach, will match the full service package that all international professionals have come to expect from Corporate Housing Factory.

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